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Sultana Learned Fairy Wind by VirtualManectric

Okey-dokes, time to analyze! I'll start off with first stating I love this. I mean, I tend to like tons of artwork here at DA, but this...




Neil Patrick Harris by PinkuFootsie
Neil Patrick Harris
Remember this?; Neil Patrick Harris -wip1 by PinkuFootsie
No? Mkay. 

Anywho, I'm totally not trying to draw as much as possible this weekend because I know I'll be dissapearing againwhatareyoutalkingabout  I decided to finish this up as quick as possible. I noticed a couple of you were a bit disturbed about the no eyes thing.
Heh. Heheh. 

Well... they're there now~! And let me just say... the feels, bro. I haven't had the time to look at dA in so long, and now that it's happened, I'm just like, " Everything CHANGED!!!". Seriously, wth!? It's so futuristic, but I can hardly tell what's happening anymore! I like it!

I am incredibly guilty, though. I left so many notes on hold, so many prizes not drawn, so many conversations cut short-- I didn't see my new schedule coming at all. I'm also getting nominated for all these things and GHP and scholarships and AP courses and internships and I have no time aaaAAHHH! I just wanna sit down, roleplay, and draw every now and then! Oh well.

Oh-- and some of you who I've already said my hello's to have been wondering about my recovery. I can walk again, but I have to alternate between using a cane and these ridiculous-looking kneepads along with my ankle-brace-or-whatever-it-was-called. It's because I have to walk so far in school, my ankles essentially give up on me at random, so I need extra protection for whenever I fall...
I'm too young for this. I take a jewelry class now and I've broken alot of glass because of it. My teachers and friends now have to help me get from place to place. Ugh. 

BUT! I'm happy. You know why? 'Cuz I can walk, and I know I'm only gonna get better! And I'm so happy my friends don't tease me or anything and they don't seem to be annoyed about helping me do things. PLUS! I know my hard work will only be a good thing in the end. When I'm older, I'm gonna get  a job that I love and earn all the moneysss! I'm gonna get my own place, and get married, and have three cars, and.... well, you get it. Seriously, this all better pay off. :)
Azailiathefox - Contest Prize by PinkuFootsie
Azailiathefox - Contest Prize
For Azailiathefox, as her prize for winning Third Place in my August ID Contest, ID Contest Results~!, with her entry; Contest Entry: Paint with the Colors of the Wind  Dat title tho!

Because the results were announced so long ago, I decided to go full color instead of just black and white; it seems more fair. I really hope you like it; Adder's one of my favorite Rocketchu characters by you! :heart:


PinkuFootsie's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
ID Picture by :iconwolfsong-of-dragon:

Now for the serious stuff:

Hot Pockets. Hot Pockets... and... Strawberry flavored Mini Peeps. Oh, and pecan rolls.

Also, Steven Universe, Cryaotic, and some occasional PewDiePie. Don't forget George Watsky, a little bit of Hoodie Allen, and a butt-ton of Dubstep. Oh yeah, that Dubstep baby...

Also I'm sunburned for life.
And I'm a fish.
Baked... fish...? Yeah.

Oh, and say hi~! I'm sorta kinda relatively pretty sociable.

Updates and... Computer issues?

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 12:17 PM

Wow, it's been too long! I even feel a bit guilty, actually!

I'm kicking 10th grade's butt, and I'm nowhere near finished. 'Thing is; my county raised its standards this year. I was told Freshman year was the hardest, but hey, I got thrown a curveball it seems. It's a ton of a work, you see, and I haven't been able to touch my Wacom in over two weeks! I haven't even been able to answer notes or check my inbox! So many deviations, AAAHH. 

BUT! I can't complain. I'm well on my way to reaching those goals I set for myself here; 
Let's Do This by PinkuFootsie

I've just completed my first paper for a scholarship and I'm having a few teachers proofread it before I send it in, I've joined the SGA office board and I'll be campaigning for Sophomore president soon, I plan to start staying after school for Spanish and I already do stay after school for Math and I come in early every morning to work.
I hate how suddenly distracted my TAG teacher gets-- so I demand attention when it is needed for my studies!
I get left out of conversations at lunch somewhat often, so I read notes on my phone! or sometimes play Lumosity, heh...
I don't have to deal with loud kids anyway because my classes are too advanced to even have any! YES!

Nothing will stand in my way! I'm persevering! I'm consistent! I'm confident! I have a GPA of frickin 3.75! I'm doing it! I'M DOING IT. :iconspartagagaplz:


Anyways, I feel a bit guilty because I hardly have time for most dA things. I'm trying to get to it, but I promise you the second I submit this it'll be right back to homework for me. So because I have a good reason, I hope nobody's mad at me for my absence. I will, however, focus on my contest prizes when I do get breaks, because those lovely contestants worked hard. Also, I'll start posting pictures of my traditional artwork from school. 

Aaand I'm having computer issues. Look, I'm not good with technology, 'kay? My media player isn't working, and neither is Skype. In fact, Skype hasn't been working for me for... I'd say... a month? Maybe a month and half or so? I'd been wondering why it's been so quiet and it turned out my computer is an utter piece of crap. And I need to do some voice recordings, but Media Player is being a giant meanie. Plus my printer isn't working- just in time for school, too. I've been trying to fix all of these things for weeks now, so it looks like I'm gonna need to have a professional look at my things. Hopefully I don't have a virus or something... I don't even know how viruses work? Like what's malware? Do these things pop up if you leave your computer alone for too long? I know "mal" means negative or bad, but...
meh. I can never wrap my head around this young people stuff. This is why there are professionals. 

But hey, I think this is the gist of what I really needed to say for now. Thanks for stickin' around and, regarding my SGA campaign, grades, and computer sickness, wish me luck~! :heart:

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: A bunch of random dubstep

ID Contest Results~!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 11:43 AM

Original Contest Information here:…

Finally I found the chance to take a good look at entries from my dA ID Contest! There were four contestants, so I took the liberty of changing a few things regarding prizes-- don’t worry, the changes are good!

All of the contestants will have three artworks featured and all of the contestants will have a chance at my little two-winner raffle (20:points: or a free request~)! It wouldn’t be that fair if those extra prizes just went to waste, amIright? Right!

:star:First Place goes to WolfSong-of-Dragon, with her nostalgic entry;

Contest entry by WolfSong-of-Dragon

- Words cannot express! I squealed when I saw my dear Vaporeon, Aqua! It’s been so long since I paid her any love, so I’m so glad that you thought of her. The background really helps tie it all together, and the memories it brings back are so sweet~!

-For your creativity and effort, you’re rewarded with two black and white requests (with full background if you wish) from me, a headshot request from John--Ace, and 40:points:! Whenever you’re ready, lemme’ know what you’d like, and the same goes for John-San~! :D

Here are three of my favorite works by WolfSong-Dragon;

  - Original Werewolf by WolfSong-of-Dragon

  - Cat fight by WolfSong-of-Dragon

  - Tobay Redo by WolfSong-of-Dragon

:star:Second Place goes to klee7, with her symbolic entry;

A Story  by klee7

- It makes me so happy to see a lovely case of symbolism regarding my peeps! I like the fact that you studied a bit for this and plan to draw more diverse characters-- that’s really, really great, and that makes it all the more personal! :D

-For your creativity and effort, you’re rewarded with one black and white request (with full background if you wish) from me, and 30:points:. Whenever you’re ready, lemme’ know what you’d like~! :)

Here are my three favorite works by klee7;

  - Long trip home by klee7

  - Order creates Blance by klee7

  - A Real Champion (color) by klee7

:star:Third Place goes to Azailiathefox, with her colorful entry;

Contest Entry: Paint with the Colors of the Wind by Azailiathefox

- I’m such a sucker for rainbows, ohmyglob.  That and my little wearable animal part accessories really make this for me. I like to walk around strutting my weird stuff for a splash of uniqueness, and I’m glad you decided to go with that~!

-For your creativity and effort, you’re rewarded with one black and white request (with full background if you wish) from me! Whenever you’re ready, lemme’ know what you’d like~! :)

Here are my three favorite works by Azailiathefox;

  - Armonia: Milo Serves Up Some Fun by Azailiathefox

  - Cheshire Meowth by Azailiathefox

  - Milo as Wilson Percival Higgsbury by Azailiathefox

:star:Runner Up goes to LittleAnimeGirlCVT, with her elegant entry;

Late and Hopeful comp entry~ by LittleAnimeGirlCVT

- It’s too bad you were a little late, but I couldn’t bear refusing your entry. Either way, I really like the flowery effect you made and the soft shading! It looks very gentle and refined, and is overall pretty! :D

Here are my favorite works by LittleAnimeGirlCVT;

  - Scene for Graphic Narrative by LittleAnimeGirlCVT

  - Chinatown by LittleAnimeGirlCVT

  - Necromancer Desk by LittleAnimeGirlCVT

Raffle Results:

Congratulations, Azailiathefox and WolfSong-Dragon, you both have won my raffle! You have a choice of 20:points: and another free request! ‘Lemme know which one you’d like whenever you’re ready~! :D



-I’ll keep track of my art prize progress here. I’ll be doing these in order from place ranking, starting with first place. Check back any time if you want a gauge of how it’s going.


Request 1: Not Yet Started

Request 2: Not Yet Started

John-san Request: n/a

Raffle Prize: Undecided


Request: Not Yet Started


Request: Azailiathefox - Contest Prize by PinkuFootsie

Raffle Prize: 20:points:

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: A bunch of random dubstep

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