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pkmnA - Cynthia Garde by PinkuFootsie pkmnA - Cynthia Garde by PinkuFootsie

For :iconpkmn-armonia:

:new:Edit: Added recent events to History section and Fun Facts.

Interested in role-playing with Cynthia? Lookie here! :…

:bulletpurple: Name: Cynthia Garde

:bulletpurple: Age: 17

:bulletpurple: Gender: Female

:bulletpurple: Pokémon: Deerling

:bulletpurple: Birthday: May 19

:bulletpurple: Height: 5 feet, 2 inches

:bulletpurple: Weight: 147 pounds

:bulletpurple: Nature: Gentle

:bulletpurple: Ability: Sap Sipper

:bulletpurple: Hometown: Nimbasa City/ Lumoise City

:bulletpurple: Personality: Cynthia loves to go with the flow. Not one particularly elated by exercise or dieting, she's the perfect gal to grab lunch or go to the park with. You'd be surprised that, despite the young age, she's full of wisdom and insight, so go ahead and ask her a hard question! As a result of her past, she's incredibly hardworking, and if there's something she can do to get some cash, she'll do it and send the profits to her mother. She enjoys listening to her friends and being almost mothering toward them. That's right; there's a chance you could land into a spot of being babied by this little Deerling. Fret not- she's pretty good with the spoiling part! She's very generous, but also has very low self-esteem.

:bulletpurple: History: Born in the city of Nimbasa, Cynthia is an only child raised by a single mother who made a living by baking and job-hopping like no one you've ever met. Asking her mother just how many jobs she held within just a couple of years would be pointless. After Cynthia turned three, her mother was forced to move them to a place outside of Unova with more job opportunities due to Nimbasa's seasonal regression tendencies and reasons not fully known by Cynthia herself. Cynthia has, however, picked up small hints and clues that the reason might have to do with her father. With the prospects of even holding down their own business, Cynthia's mother rented out a tiny bakery in the big city, Lumoise. The little family had their times of financial struggle, which soon forced Cynthia to work at the shop by the age of five.

    Despite young Cynthia's efforts, the two eventually lost their bakery and, unfortunately, her mother was victim to severe osteoporosis and became unable to support them. By eight, Cynthia was working part time all over the city to pay the bills, under close supervision of some of her mom's close friends. As time progressed and her mother's condition worsened, Cynthia grew more of an interest in the culinary arts and, more specifically, baking. During her years in Lumoise City, Cynthia spent a large majority of her time in the Juice Shoppe, Herboriste, and even working in the Hotel Richissime kitchen, Restaurant Le Wow, and the Sushi High Roller.

    Months before her seventeenth birthday, Cynthia was pulled into a long conversation with her mother about her future. Encouraged to branch out, she applied to the Armonia Institute, vowing to reach for the goals her mom had never quite reached. Aware that, despite the attentive care of elderly home nurses, her mother was close to her end, Cynthia resided in a small corner house with a bakery in the front that she named " Cathy's Cakes" , after her mom. She owed all of her income to the bakery, spending every penny on pure necessities and her mother's medical bills, leaving no cash for extra. Her business partner and closest friend from Lumoise, a girly Ambipom named Jenny, now has full ownership over the bakery and has promised to take good care of Cynthia's mom during her stay at Armonia.
:new:After making her wish to the Legendary pokemon Jirachi, or rather Cassiopeia, Cynthia's mother was healed of her health issues and is now working alongside Jenny at Cathy's Cakes.

:bulletpurple: Summary characteristic: Good Perseverance  

:bulletpurple: Hobbies:

   - Cooking (especially baking)

   - Gardening

   - Work in general (she has to have something to do)

:bulletpurple: Level: 21

:bulletpurple: Moveset:

   - Take Down

   - Aromatherapy

   - Charm

   - Light Screen

:bulletpurple: Favorite berry flavor:  Sweet

:bulletpurple: House: Fable

:bulletpurple: School Schedule: 
    - Writing
    - Health and Sex Ed.
    - Battle
    - Science
    - Math II

    - Art
    - Home Ec.
    - Literature 

:bulletpurple: Extras/Fun Facts:

    - Cynthia is incredibly self-conscience about her weight. And freckles. And-- You know what? She just doesn't like her looks, kay?

    - One of her closest friends is a Meganium who worked abroad. They met one day at Hotel Richissime and still talk to this day. That Meganium is also the one responsible for telling Cynthia's mom all about Armonia.

    - Interestingly, Cynthia doesn't like to talk about the unknown contents of her purse and is even defensive of it. No one has even a clue except for her. Still on topic, trespassing with her belongings is one of the few things that can provoke a very, very viscous and angry response from her.   

   -One thing you can be certain is in her purse at all times is two of her favorite lipstick. She keeps two on her because, geez, she just can't be without her lipstick! The eye shadow she can do without, but definitely not her lipstick. She keeps two sticks with her and two at her dorm.

    - She also often carries a small pastry carrying case in her purse, for small deliveries and simple gift-giving. If she really likes you, expect a surprise cupcake every now and then.
- :new: Cynthia hates, hates coffee.
- :new: When Cynthia was younger, she once went to a petting zoo to spend some good old quality time with Mama. Well, after a very scary experience of the Pokemon trying to eat her tail, she's left with a fear of farm, ferals, or herbivorous Pokemon in general trying to eat/bite her. It isn't a phobia, oh, just a fear.
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